Today was a much better day. After sightseeing in downtown Regina yesterday, bone-crunching misery enveloped me. No need to go down that road again for the time being; I just miss Joey and life is extremely difficult right now. After a workout, some ice cream, talking to a friend, having a long ass cry and a ativan-induced sleep, today went a lot better. I gave out the day’s first copy of 65_RedRoses in Moose Jaw, to Constable Rod Zoerb:

I also accosted him in Safeway after our initial meeting to give him and his friends a couple of calendars and a CF pen. When Safeway donates gift cards to me, the whole world benefits, right?

The rest of my stay in Moose Jaw consisted of an attempted visit to the Burrowing Owl Interpretive Centre, a successful visit to the Temple Gardens mineral spa (turns out the temp in the pool is actually warmer than the 35 degree heat outside – my horizons have been expanded and I love you for it Saskatchewan…even if I was caught off guard at first), and a picture with the Moose that it seems I can miss, even though I was told by several locals that this was impossible:

Next I went on a drive:

Eventually I ended up in Rouleau (AKA: Dog River), where most of the filming for Corner Gas took place. While I was there, I met a couple of caring gents from 150 Mile House (that’s right, I’m going all the way across Canada to give movies to people who aren’t actually from the province I am visiting). What can I say? I’m biased. It was nice to meet and give a movie to Dan Grondin:

His son Brandt was really nice too. We had a good chat and were able to play photographer for each other.

I then pressed onto White City (AKA: Crackerville. Okay, I made that one up, but I couldn’t resist. Some of the names out here are too funny). Some pics of the drive:

Well, maybe just one. While I was grabbing a freezie in White City, I gave a DVD to Echo Jiang:

I then had an amble by the parliament buildings in Regina:

The day ended with a relaxing evening with the Mangus fam. Off to Manitoba tomorrow. Thank you Saskatchewan. It’s been a slice!


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  1. Kimberly Burge September 12, 2011 / 5:12 pm

    Looks hot. You should have a hat on.

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