On my way down to Sault Ste. Marie the other day, I briefly considered going for a swim:

This was short lived.

I enjoyed the beautiful scenery and saw that the colors were starting to change:

I appreciated the humor of the locals:

“Batchawana go home”, “Batchawana coffee”, “Batchawana go to the bathroom, but you can’t cause there ain’t a rest stop around!” The possibilities are endless. You know you’re getting overtired when this continues to amuse you for several days.

I also took in a bit of the history of the area:

When I say a bit, I mean it. That was it. More on that later.

I watched some wonderful dancing:

Enjoyed some time in the yard:

Attempted to take in more history, but it was M.I.A. The gang and I tried to have our photo taken beside a historical plaque marking the half-way point on the Trans Canada highway, but instead of a plaque, we were met with an empty rock. So we took our picture beside the rock instead:

And laughed about the sign being gone (“Well worth the trip Allison!”, “Batchawana go to a better tourist attraction”, etc):

We also went on a walk in the trails behind the big empty rock and posed by some waterfalls:

Batchawana see the resemblance, but it’s difficult!

I also finally got to meet Dan and give him a DVD:

Today it was on to Sudbury:

Where I came across some seldom seen signage:

And more pictures of highway, which I love to document and you are exasperated by:

Here’s one thing I admire about Ontario:

I think they do a great job of promoting organ donation in this province. But, there is still a long way to go in reducing the number of people who die waiting for transplants, so I met with Paul Loewenberg, the NDP candidate for Sudbury, chatted with him about Joey, and gave him a copy of 65_RedRoses:

I look like I’m on better behavior than usual, don’t I? Not so: I also gave him a calendar. And you all know what’s in that baby.

Eventually I made it to Collingwood and am now settled in with M & T & T. Lots of laughter and gluten-free cheesies. OMG I miss Bob-loblaw’s.