Toronto has been a mixed bag, but good for the most part. I was going to leave tomorrow originally, but feel the need to stay for an extra night, so I think that I’m going to do that. I have some things that I want to do alone, so I’m going to do them. Nothing worthy of note, I just want to walk around alone for some reason.

Been having a good visit with Kathryn and Samuel. Got to see Henry for breakfast this morning and Jenny and Lee for tea. I miss my Toronto friends. It’s weird to see them without Joey, but comforting to be with them. I need a little TLC and some down time right now.

Uneventful blog post, but there have been lots of laughs around these parts. Colin and Greg came over on Friday night and it’s pretty hard to be miserable around those two. Especially when wobbly pops and youtube are involved.