Halloween Part 1

The first half of the 4-day Halloween bonanza has gone well. Here’s a little sampling:

Keith and I were the good cops. As for the food, I couldn’t eat any of it, but it looked fun and delicious. Mmm!

It’s been a low key day; visited with Roy-boy and went for a work out. Waiting for the rest of the crew to rouse so the Halloween fun can continue.


The Blogging Bandwagon

Well I certainly jumped off the blogging bandwagon as abruptly as I jumped on, didn’t I? In my defense, I haven’t had normal internet access since I’ve been back, so keeping on top of it has been somewhat of a challenge.

All in all things are okay, but I’m kind of scared to go home-home, so that concerns me to some degree. Being there is both difficult and soothing; it’s a strange paradox. Basically what I’m doing to remedy that at this point is to take my time in going home. Hopefully slow and steady will win the race. Sorry if this isn’t making sense…I’m tired.

Had a good visit with the fam and am staying with Mr. Sandman tonight. Spending Halloween weekend with the Skillman/Crossan crew – expect funny pictures after the weekend.

That’s what I’m doing in a nutshell. And this nut is tough to crack…especially when I’m tired. Night!


Back in the ‘Couv

I’m back in the Couv! The flights were long, but not nearly as long as driving across the country. Boom. I’m home(ish).

I gave away the 65th copy of 65_RedRoses today. And the lucky recipient is:

Miss. Emma Skillman, my lovely niece. There are a few reasons why I figured this made sense. Emma lost her beloved Uncle Joey to Cystic Fibrosis and ultimately, a wait for a liver transplant that was far too long. As if that wasn’t bad enough, down the road, her dad will need a transplant as well. The chronic shortage of organs in Canada affects more than just the people who need a transplant to survive; there is a ripple effect that carries over to their family and friends. When a person dies waiting, or due to complications associated with a long wait, a lot of other people are hurt. I know I will never be the same. My family won’t be either. No matter how much time passes, it doesn’t make what happened to Joey any more fair. We got burned. I don’t want this to happen to my niece again. This was one of the many driving forces behind my trip across Canada.

So there we have it. 65 Cities, 65 Days, 65 Roses. Thanks for tuning in again. Thanks for talking to your friends and family about your wishes surrounding organ donation. Thanks for helping to fight Cystic Fibrosis, the most common, fatal genetic disease affecting Canadian children and young adults. Thanks for caring.

I plan on still updating the blog, although I doubt that this will be a daily endeavor for the time being. I am, however, quite enamored with Twitter, as it gives me a venue to be a cryptic smart ass. For those of you who are interested in following along with that, my Twitter name is cfreallysucks. I guess someone else figured out that cfsucks already.

Happy Monday.


Just for Laughs

Last day in St. John’s. I’m heading back to Vancouver tomorrow people! But before I left, I had to give out one more DVD on the East coast to Steve Patterson:

Steve is a comedian and host of CBC’s the Debaters – an absolutely hilarious radio (and now TV) program that Joey and I used to listen to. He’s currently in St.John’s to host the 2011 Just for Laughs Comedy Tour. It seemed fitting that at least one copy of 65_RedRoses should go to a comedian. Joey? Humor? Come on! A big thanks to Steve and his manager/wife Nancy for making that happen.

One more DVD to go.



I am finding my Newfie footing. Today, Anna and I went up to signal hill:

(Apparently, I’m really not good at reading the warnings…for real this time).

We walked down George Street:

Saw the best bar on the planet:

And a pack of zombies:

Checked out where the big ships dock:

And the start (or end) of the transcanada highway:

Now that’s a commemorative plaque!

I also touched the ocean on the other side of the country:

And although I didn’t kiss a cod, we stole a dahg:

That makes you an honorary Newfoundlander, right? We found this little darling running scared and darting around on the side of the road, so we picked her up and went in search of her owners, but met with limited success. The SPCA knows, but there isn’t anything they can do until Monday, so back she came to Anna and Charlie’s. In keeping with my tradition of poor choices for animal names, I christened her Coco (Yoko).

Tonight I am vegging in the nest, doing laundry and hopefully having an early night. I heart sleep (and Coco).


Update: Coco’s owner called and she’s on her way back home. Wah!

Cape Spear

I made it to the end of the road today. Literally. I cannot drive any farther in this country:

Destination: Cape Spear (not to be confused with Cape Fear, the beloved Robert De Niro film). Here are some pics from my visit:

I didn’t know we had sharks in Canada! At least I’m assuming that’s what that sign means. I didn’t bother to read the actual warning.

So what now? Well, for those of you keeping track, I still have 2 more DVDs to give away. One for St. John’s and one for Vancouver.

Stay tuned to find out who the lucky recipients are…



Your wedding anniversary isn’t nearly as much fun when your spouse is dead. Today has been rough.

I had been contemplating how it would go for some time now. How could I make it as un-shitty as possible? Marrying Joey was the best decision I made in my life and I still want to celebrate that, but I am devastated that he isn’t here to do it with me. So here’s what I did:

  • I cried a lot (no real surprise there).
  • I went to the gym. Not because I wanted to, but because it always makes me feel slightly less bad after I am done and I know that he would want me to be in the best mental shape possible for the day.
  • I bought myself a pink rose, like the ones that were in my bouquet at our wedding.
  • I managed to get a massage as a walk in when I passed through Clarenville. He would have bugged me to go and do that. Anyone else think it’s weird that the therapist’s name was April?
  • I drove to Dildo, Newfoundland, which is where I’m spending the night. My reasons for this are twofold: the first is obvious – my spouse is dead and I was in the neighborhood. The second is because Joey would have found this hilarious, as do I. We got through many a crappy time together by laughing. Visiting Dildo on our anniversary was the best I could come up with to make both myself and others laugh. It really is quite ridiculous. So far, the people here are friendly as well. No surprises there either.
  • I am going to watch the movie we went to see on our first date in 1997. Blast from the past. I think that this is a tradition I will keep from now on.

And just to show you that I am not full of it:

Happy anniversary to me…


PS: My email has been restored, minus the contacts, but everything I was sent within the past few days has been deleted. So, if there’s a message that you emailed to me that you’re expecting a reply from, it’s probably best to send it again. Thanks!