Sporty Spice

Made the trek from Ingonish to Halifax today with Julia. We stopped in Stewiacke (or as I initially called it: Stew-wackie!) to give Kit Spencer a DVD:

Isn’t Fox Hollow golf course beautiful? Especially at this time of year. That was a statement, not a question. It IS beautiful.

Shortly after our arrival in Halifax, I threw on my roller derby gear (Oui Oui Katsy!) and headed over to meet Heather Chamberlin and the rest of the Halifax Roller Derby Association. The team was really welcoming and listened to me talk about Joey, CF, and transplant:

And then humored me by posing for a silly picture when I gave Heather her copy of 65_RedRoses:

Heather then accompanied me on my first attempt at derbying:

It was fun. Although I must say, I’m disappointed that I didn’t get the opportunity to use the roller derby stage name that I came up with this morning: Fi-Fi Rocious.

Apparently, I’ve been strongly influenced by my time in Quebec.


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  1. Kimberly Burge October 11, 2011 / 9:22 pm

    Hey Fi-Fi Rocious, PR has badass roller derby team.

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