Welcome to F*%#ing Newfoundland

After an overnight delay on the ferry, a missed bus, a ride with a stranger, the addition of a new travel buddy, and a scenic, but reasonably priced taxi ride, I finally got to where I was going for the day. Welcome to fucking Newfoundland. ‘Scuse the tone. I am ecstatic to be here, but it’s been a long couple of days.

In for a bit of a long one tomorrow too so that I can make up for lost time, but that’s okay. I say that now as I’m comfortably tucked in bed for the night, but tomorrow I might have a different perception of how I feel about the subject. The important thing is to focus on the present, right?

Have met a few friendly peeps on the rock so far, including Brian Osmond:

He has a cousin who lives in PR. Small world, hey?

Here is what I have seen of Newfoundland so far:

Here is what I hope to see in the near future:

Does the mural on the ferry speak the truth? Is it really this pretty here? So far, all signs point to yes.


One thought on “Welcome to F*%#ing Newfoundland

  1. Kimberly Burge October 16, 2011 / 8:33 am

    I’m probably that cousin.

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