Questionable at Best

It’s easy to make up time when you go back to Quebec. I just saved myself an hour and a half. Boom.

Oui, oui, babies. I’m back in Quebec. This time up north after driving to northern Newfoundland and taking the ferry across. How could I come this far and exclude the rest of Quebec or miss Labrador completely? Not a chance. Well, there was a chance, but that disaster was averted yesterday.

I have been accompanied by my new travel buddy from yesterday, Auzzie Olivia and guess what? We saw a moose this morning in Deer Lake:

But he wasn’t real. I have yet to see one on the road and am quite happy about that. I have been warned about those Newfoundlander moose. I hear they’re not nearly as friendly as the people.

Speaking of the road, here’s some little pieces of Newfoundland that we saw today:

It’s interesting to note the differences between provinces in the simple things as well. Take the ferries, for example. Out here, the ferries look like this:

They also have a bar with a dance floor:

And, perhaps most disturbingly:

Okay, the vomit part I get. Sea sickness + alcohol, or either one of these factors independently = potential for an uncomfortable situation. But the urine disposal bag? WTF? Especially given the fact that this was approximately 15 feet away from where these bags were available:

No thanks, I’ll just pee in my seat. Can you dispose of it for me later? Questionable at best.