First of all, there is no way that I can start this post without acknowledging this:

Thanks for the visual Kevin. That made me laugh really, really hard this morning.

Olivia and I made it back to Newfoundland and up to L’Anse aux Meadows, the oldest known Viking settlement in North America. Since we were in the spirit and since she’s been good to truck along with, I gave Olivia a copy of 65_RedRoses:

Don’t worry, I got her back:

Here are some other pics from Norstead:

On our way back down south, I stopped in St. Anthony and gave a DVD to Robert Simms:

Robert’s brother-in-law passed away from CF, so he really appreciated receiving a copy of the movie. Note the commonness of the CF connections people. Please help find a cure.

Am currently getting cozy for the night and hoping to have an early one. Feeling fairly emotionally fragile at the moment and don’t want to be awake for much longer.