I am finding my Newfie footing. Today, Anna and I went up to signal hill:

(Apparently, I’m really not good at reading the warnings…for real this time).

We walked down George Street:

Saw the best bar on the planet:

And a pack of zombies:

Checked out where the big ships dock:

And the start (or end) of the transcanada highway:

Now that’s a commemorative plaque!

I also touched the ocean on the other side of the country:

And although I didn’t kiss a cod, we stole a dahg:

That makes you an honorary Newfoundlander, right? We found this little darling running scared and darting around on the side of the road, so we picked her up and went in search of her owners, but met with limited success. The SPCA knows, but there isn’t anything they can do until Monday, so back she came to Anna and Charlie’s. In keeping with my tradition of poor choices for animal names, I christened her Coco (Yoko).

Tonight I am vegging in the nest, doing laundry and hopefully having an early night. I heart sleep (and Coco).


Update: Coco’s owner called and she’s on her way back home. Wah!