Halloween Part 2

Halloween part 2: the conclusion. April, Emma, and I figured it would be fun to dress up during the day and in the evening. Here is our daytime attire:

I’m a fiddler, April is a fly, and Emma was Britney Spears (hit me baby one more time!). We wore our daytime costumes to run errands in. April’s went over especially well:

She was a big hit at Costco. When nighttime rolled around, we added a few new peeps to our crew and I turned into a raccoon:

When I went on a walk this morning, I saw four of my brethren crossing the street in broad daylight. Although I admire their beauty, I was careful to stay as far away as possible. Rabies alert!

Got to see Kimberly, Gus, and Mike yesterday:

Gus was also enthusiastic about Halloween:

I was also able to meet up with another special visitor this morning, who popped by on her way out of the country:

It was good to see Olivia again. The visit was short and sweet, but some time is better than no time, right?

All and all, cooling my heels in Vancouver is going well, but I’ve had more than a few emotional meltdowns. I miss Joey. A lot. I am trying my best to be happy, but it’s a lot of work and trying doesn’t always pan out. It was really good to see April and family; we needed to spend time together. Been having a rough time today too, so I’m heading to the gym shortly to try and do some damage control. Hopefully that will make me feel slightly less bad.

Happy Halloween aftershocks.