Familiar Territory

Well, this morning I had my first ever asthma attack & woke up having a hard time breathing, so my sister took me to emerg & I had to have a nebulizer & some other meds. It was weird being on the other side of things; I am not good at it. Old habits die hard; after my meds kicked in I was getting myself heated blankets & turning off the oxygen. I fell asleep to the ding of machines & activity around the nurses’ station. It’s kind of hard to be concerned for yourself when other people have it so much worse than you do. That’s what I was thinking before I went in: this is nothing compared to what people with CF go through, should I bother addressing it? If I breathe really shallow, it’s not as bad. Then I noticed just how shallowly I was breathing & figured that probably wasn’t the wisest call.

So on the downside, it looks like I am severely allergic to my sister’s cat. Hopefully tonight goes better after pumping myself full of drugs. At least if it happens again I have a puffer on standby.

Fingers are crossed that your weekend is going more smoothly than mine.