Attitude Problem

On the plus side, the weekend got better than this:

Roy told me that I look strangely smug in this photo. I blame that on the fact that my eye was also severely swollen, so I was winking as a joke. Plus I have an attitude problem.

So I’m back in the Couv, but not for long. Tonight I head to Langley for some much-needed Q.T. with Richard. I haven’t been having a great string of days for the last little while and he’s a good person to be around. Maybe it’s the gearing up to head home at some point soon, or apprehensiveness around what’s next, or exhaustion and the post-trip let down period. Most likely it’s a combination. Whatever it is, I feel like crap and am hoping that I can figure out a way to make myself feel a little less bad soon. My old tricks haven’t been proving as effective as usual and this concerns me.

Happy freakin’ Tuesday from your ray of sunshine.