Neck Muff

I’ve recently been mocked about my latest knitting project. I use the term latest loosely, I haven’t really knitted anything since Joey was on dialysis in Toronto. Kind of lost its appeal after it became less of a craft and more of a sentence.

That said, I found some old wool kicking around and decided to try my hand at a ribbed scarf. Problem is, after I got started, it quickly became apparent that the wool was going to run out long before the scarf was complete and I was way too unmotivated to unpick it and start a new project. (I can almost hear the stomachs of all you knitters out there churning in disgust…almost). Luckily, my friend “T” was there to problem solve for me. I bring you: the neck muff.

At first I wasn’t sure of whether or not I liked this idea either, but then it snowed today and I decided that I loved it. At first I was cold:

But then I rolled that sucker up and got cozy:

Take that Mother Nature! You too conventional wisdom!