Happy Birthday Baby

Shortly after Joey died, Richard, Caroline, and I decided to go to Cuba. As some of you might remember, that is where Joey and I went for our honeymoon. I figured it would be best to time it for his birthday, as obviously, it was going to be a rough day. We had the best frickin’ party possible, short of him being present, which, I think he was. We went on a boat ride, snorkeling, Richard and Caroline swam with dolphins, and we went to what Joey and I thought might be the most beautiful beach in the world (though we were likely a touch biased because we were so damn happy when we were there). Here’s the pictorial rendition.

A drink for me and a drink for Joey:

Richard and I performing a little ceremony for him:

Caroline, Richard, and I doing Joey’s model face. Blue steel!

Joey’s birthday card. This was much tougher than it looks; the ocean kept washing it away. Hence the enthusiasm when we finally got it:

Leaving Cayo Blanco:

Dancing on the boat:

And they even let Richard drive for a bit. Note the expression of concern on the captain’s face vs. Richard’s confidence. It didn’t seem to take long for the captain to realize his mistake:

Happy birthday baby. We miss you.


One thought on “Happy Birthday Baby

  1. mwillis February 9, 2012 / 6:22 pm

    Happy Birthday, Joey!

    Kirstin, I am so glad you had some good pals and some wonderful sunshine, among other things, I am sure… to make the day better…

    Thinking of you,


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