Tough Mudder


I’ve become a touch slack on the blogging lately, however, I’m choosing to look at the positive side of this. My energy is limited and I have been busy doing other things. I’ve been being more social, scheming on how to rearrange things in my house (I need change), and of course, working on getting better. It is shocking to me how much energy it takes to do things that seem so simple and that actually would be simple were I feeling more normal. That said, I think I’m making progress.

Here’s my big exciting news of the week: my niece Siarah has signed up to do the “Tough Mudder” in Whistler and I could not be more proud. In addition to actually surviving the obstacle course itself, she is also taking the initiative to turn it into some kind of fundraiser for CF (the event is already a fundraiser for veterans, so she’s doing a double whammy). I was thinking she should collect pledges for CF as a start (I know I’d sponsor her for sure). Does anyone else out there have other ideas? For more info on the Tough Mudder, click on the following link:

Good thing she’s a feisty little devil! She’ll need to be to pull this one off. What can I say? The kid takes after her Uncle Joey.


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  1. Yaya March 7, 2012 / 11:20 am

    Sooo excited. I officially registered our team this morning. We are “Joey’s Angels”, thought that would be fitting. We have 4 people confirmed and a couple that are still potentials. I am going to make a FB page as well. Now reality is setting in…. what have I gotten myself into! Love you K

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