Power Tools

I’ve been playing with power tools lately in an attempt to spruce up my surroundings.

“Power tools?” said Owen. “I can’t see you doing that. Where I can see you is sitting on the sidelines, criticizing someone else’s work.”

Though I agree that would typically be a role to which I am far better suited, I am in the process of expanding my horizons. First came the driving across the country (Joey was typically the driver in the relationship), then came the power tools (he worked; I criticized). Next thing you know I’m going to take up golf. But let’s not get too crazy.

My goal is to switch things up in here enough that it still feels like home, but has better energy and isn’t left to stagnate. First came the couch, then I found a cabinet in storage that I was unaware we even had, then I finally assembled a Christmas present (Shelley’s trunk of rocks) that we got from Momma R and Daddy G for Christmas the year before last. Next in line are the table and chairs, hence the electric sander. On the plus side, they can’t look any worse than they do already. On the downside, I am struggling not to strip their spindly little legs too thin or they’ll snap like toothpicks when guests come over and sit on them.

Is it wrong if I still consider that an improvement?