Goodbye House

Admittedly, I have totally been dropping the ball here. My reasoning is as follows: I have been monster-depressed and enveloped in things that are triggering me and I’m trying to keep my head on straight, so the blog has been a low priority.

Over the last few weeks, Momma R and Daddy G, with the help of several other family members, have cleared out their house in preparation for it to be rented. It’s a good move for them and what needs to be done, but I am not reacting well to the change. I’m sick of change.

Any-hoo, I was spending a fair bit of time at the house helping. Although, on more than a few days, my “helping” consisted of going home shortly after I arrived so that other people didn’t have to watch me cry. What a trooper.

Here we are the night before they left:

Locked out of their own house, peering in the windows. That’s what we’ve been reduced too. Check out Momma R’s wine glass in the background. Even that looks sad.

So goodbye house. Goodbye Christmases; goodbye Easters. Goodbye backyard parties:

And Heather with the burn mark in it:

And Gapping Gourmet doll:

(Although in all fairness, he was really just relocated to Calgary).

Hello grumpy drive-bys and unfair resentment of tenants. Sad, but probably going to be true.

In other news, Terri Cramb (of T-Fit) and I have been planning a CF walk in Powell River for this Sunday at 11:00 at Willingdon Beach. Check out this article in the PEAK:

If you want to sponsor either of our teams, please visit: , click on the Great Strides link and search our names. Or better yet for me, do a team search for Joey’s Angels. My name is spelled with a confusing absence of the letter “e”, so doing a team search seems easier and more likely to be successful.

So that’s the abbreviated version of what I’ve been up to lately. I’m ready for some fun. Which I believe I am going to have in great abundance over the next few weeks. More on that later.