Rockin’ Good Time

The insanity has been spread. Here’s the documentation:

Spent a quick day in Squamish trying not to get killed by my sister’s cat. (Turns out I am extremely allergic. Not to cats in general, only to Sarah’s cat. Convenient, no?) The resulting goal when I come to visit? Avoid her home at all costs. A hike seemed like a great way to accomplish this and show our guests some of what BC has to offer. So we hiked:

Samuel was pretty tired by the end of that one. It’s disturbing to note how much he looks like one of the people in those ads for CF where the person is deflated. Anyone out there remember what I am talking about? The ads were effective, but messed up.

Fear not, he was just resting:

& not having a temper tantrum or doing the dead fly. Just attempting to swing himself back up before we went for lunch.

After lunch we went on another, shorter hike:

Seems to be a reoccurring theme. Maybe we should have cut the kid a break until he was less jet lagged. Regardless, he rebounded the next day. We went swimming:

& had a beach day in Parksville:

Here are a few of the other highlights from our time in that area:

Cathedral Grove:

Goats on the roof in Coombs:

Wildlife Recovery in Errington:

We saw eagles, owls, and loud, enormous turkeys (to name a few). However, it seemed that Marbles the cat was a highlight for Samuel:

My vote was for the turkeys. I have my reasons.

On our way to PR, we impulsively decided to go to a fish hatchery. I love it when random decisions pan out. We walked around for a while, in the rain, scoping things out. Little did we know that we were being scoped out at the same time. Word of tourists spread like wildfire and we ended up meeting “Magic Mike”:

He recommended that we pay a visit to a VIU research site on our way up island, so we did. Samuel loved the tidal pools:

Marbles was up for some competition now (it should be noted that the most exciting part of the trip for him on the whole was Scooter, the kitten. Nothing else really stood a chance).

Then came our time in PR, which included a day on Savary, of course. We sat on the porch:

And played on the beach:

And were pretty darn tired when the day was done:

But not too tired to pose beside the start (or end? Let’s go with start) of highway 101. On the way out of Lund I realized I drove across the whole country, but neglected to get a picture of the beginning of the road, so I took one now with a couple of my favorite Torontonians:

We had a good week. I’m still tired. But we had a rockin’ good time.