One Widow to Another

“In a lot of ways, the second year is worse than the first”, said the older widow to the younger widow. “You think: this much time has gone by and I still feel just as bad?”

“When does it start to hurt less?” said the younger widow to the older widow.

“It doesn’t”, replied the older widow. “You just learn better ways of coping”.

Kind of what I figured. Hence the lack of blogging, really.

And around and around we go.

On a positive note, I was recently accepted into a graduate certificate program in Complex Trauma and I’m pretty stoked about that. Yeah for something being set in stone for September. Bonus: most of it can be done by distance, so I can stay put in PR. Phew!

On another positive note, I got to visit with some California girls recently.

We went on a tour of the firehall:

There was yoga:

Playing in the park:

And the rain:

And at the farmer’s market:

There were stories:

And tea:

And one heck of a party:

Speaking of parties, someone special just turned 1:

Hint: it was Gus, not Kimberly.

So we partied again:

Our favorite part of the party was the gluten-free cupcakes.