Nice Try

Attention all loved ones: I am ok. Apparently someone has hacked into my email & is claiming that I have been kidnapped & am in London with no wallet. Wtf? Although that would have been a much more interesting ending to my trip, sadly, I am still in Newfoundland.

I would also like to point out that although I can’t spell worth shit, I can speak with proper grammer & would be hard pressed to ever use a word like “soonest”.

Nice try assholes.


California. Knows How to Party

After a somewhat eventful journey down, I made it to San Jose to visit Jill and family for a few days. A few people who knew that I was going asked me to send them a postcard. Will do my best, but am not really doing “touristy” things on this trip. In fact, when asked what touristy stuff there was to do around here, the best Jill and I could come up with was to see a Sharks game (they still have a team, right?) or take a trip to Target. We chose the trip to Target. Setting our sights high.

So far, we have managed to drag ourselves to baby boot camp, where Jill managed to pull a muscle in her neck. This has significantly impacted her level of ambition. On the other hand, it has made me feel better because it makes my own lack of ambition less obvious. It has also made my original plan of spending the entire trip curled in a ball crying on the Maysmith family couch more achievable. Go team.

California. Knows how to party.


Is This Wrong?

Reflection question: is it wrong to toast your husband’s/friend’s/son’s/brother’s new liver?

Kind of like celebrating a double lung transplant by lighting a cigar, huh?

Heading up to the hospital soon. Expect it will be a slow day. They won’t even start trying to decrease the sedation until much later. Save yourselves some stress (for now) and check back some time tonight for an update on how today went. Hopefully by then we’ll have an idea of how Joey’s liver is liking its new digs.

Here we are again. One day post-transplant!