August Update!

This is more just venting than anything else. As of last Tuesday, Toronto had not yet received Joey’s file (although it has now been definitely sent). I talked to the Toronto transplant clinic co-ordinator (she sounds very nice), but without looking at Joey’s info, she couldn’t really give me a timeline of things. (Plus other people that need to look at his stuff are on vacation, so that also slows things up a bit). I recognize that there isn’t really anything that can be done about this, but am feeling frustrated and stagnant nonetheless.

So there I am on Tuesday morning, running down the hall of our apartment building, searching for our landlady to tell her to disregard the letter that she had received from us one hour earlier stating that we would be leaving Victoria and our apartment at the end of the month. We are here for a while longer. Mission aborted. Painful sigh (even more painful for Joey… CF will do that to you).

For now we are waiting to see what the next step will be. It is estimated that we will be hearing from Toronto in a few weeksish; hopefully we will get a better idea of what’s happening then. In the meantime, we’re just waiting and working. Hopefully Koren will come down for a visit tomorrow. We gotsta change the energy flow around here (you know what they say, two negatives make a positive).

Yes, this is a downer post… but man… sometimes CF really does suck!