Honorable Mention

If there was an award for world’s worst blogger, I’d be buying a dress and heading to the ceremony at this point. At the very least I’d get an honorable mention.

There are a few reasons for my lack of attention in this area. First off, I haven’t had a reliable internet connection lately and sitting on the floor with my computer hiked up at an awkward angle is not my number one choice of how to spend my time, especially when not sitting on the floor with my computer hiked up at an awkward angle is an option. Second, I have a feeling that some people figure that I should be farther along and acting more functional than I am, so blogging about how I am still devastated, still miss Joey every minute of every day, and how basic tasks seem insurmountable at times makes me feel weird. I guess I have shut down to some degree because the thought of talking to people who don’t want to hear about it is…well, what’s the point really? It’s damaging. As a result, I am still talking to people because that’s how I’m going to get better, but I am just being more careful about choosing those people. As a result, I’ve been having a hard time getting inspired to write. Finally, I have been busier. I consider this a success, even if it has been simultaneously discouraging because I get tired, emotional and overwhelmed easily, even when I’m doing positive things. It’s still progress though and I’m happy I get the chance to see people and am getting out more.

So here’s what I’ve been doing for the last little while:

I went to Vancouver, did some visiting, and ran some errands. It occurred to me that I am turning into a real Powell River person again because I had to be organized, as my trips to the city are becoming more infrequent. Gotta see a people! Gotta get out to IKEA! Gotta hit up Costco! What a great deal on corn! Etc.

Highlights from the trip included time with the fam:

I was even able to have a rendezvous with April and Emma at IKEA. Now that’s efficient.

Once I was back in PR I did some more visiting with family that were in from out of town. I also actually went out (it’s as shocking to me as it is to you), attended the world’s worst play (I use that term loosely) and ate the world’s worst meal. Here it is:

This one was in competition with the “Spinach Cheese Slice” ala St. Paul’s hospital. Gluten free food isn’t delectable at the best of times, but this was a whole new level of bad. Dry, sauceless, nearly vegetableless rice noodles. When I put my fork in to take a bite, the whole plate moved. After I wrestled off a couple of chunks, I was done. My friend Drew, still hungry from his own substandard meal, then took a run at my leftovers. The highlight came when the plate was cleared out from under him while he was still eating. “Were you finished with that?” I asked. “I guess so” he replied sadly. Well worth the outing.

And then of course there is the work that comes with trying to be a healthier person again. It’s exhausting. For me, anyway. That’s still in full swing and new approaches are being tried with the hope that something will help nudge me forward. Any progress is good progress in my books. Happy that I’m continuing to make some. Go Cuba. That, combined with finally having a short term plan seems to have been a turning point.

Til next time,