Tour de Toronto

Today Joey did physio in the inpatient gym at the hospital for the first time. 6 minutes on the bike (one minute over the goal the physiotherapist set for him). Woo hoo! His oxygen and blood pressure stayed stable while he was doing it too. Good news.

That’s about all for today. Progress seems to be pretty slow and steady, so I might not be updating every day now.

Also wanted to say another big thank you for all of the cards. We are constantly amazed at all of the support we have received over the last two years. Joey’s room is definitely very cheery now (well, as cheery as a hospital room can be). Thank you!

Will write more when there are any new developments.


More Movement

Went on a longer walk today (still with walker. I suspect muscle atrophy from lying in bed so much is making movement more difficult this time around). All in all it was a good day for movement, but the swelling is still very uncomfortable and he is getting a lot of muscle pain (again, I suspect this is from lying in bed for so long).

Dialysis is scheduled for tomorrow. Hopefully they can take some more of this fluid off.


The Chicken Legs are Back…Sort of

Joey was moved down to a regular ward today. He was feeling quite a bit better than he did yesterday (hurrah). Went on a short walk around the ward and was a lot more mobile.

Also did a session of the 4 hour dialysis today. They were able to remove a fair bit of fluid (still lots more to go though). It’s pretty amazing to see how much skinnier his legs can get after one session.

His appetite seemed to improve a little tonight. At least he could eat some food. Must be momma Kennedy’s yummy cooking (and some new drugs). Hey, whatever works.


The Mega-Walk

Let’s see, what’s new today? Joey went on mega-walk around the ward (still with a walker, but increased his distance threefold). I took him for a cruise around the hospital in a wheelchair for a few minutes for a change of scenery and man was it exciting. (Trust me, once you’ve been hanging around the hospital for that long, your threshold for excitement becomes much lower).

He was off oxygen when he was awake and was doing fine with that, but when he went to sleep the “low oxygen” alarm was sounding, so they put some on for night time.

Still watching the pee like a hawk, but nothing much is happening there. Come on kidneys.


He’s Walking, Yes Indeed

Still not a lot of pee, but a little is better than none. Joey was switched over to the 4 hour dialysis today and will have his next session on Monday.

Went for a loop around the ward today (with a walker). Progress!

He was pretty tired today, but his spirits were a little better. Thank you soooo much to everyone who sent a card; that was very helpful/uplifting.

Hope you have a fabulous Friday.