Help! I’m at my brother’s cabin somewhere up the lake.

Hey all,

You may notice that this posting has a different tone to it. I am writing it instead of Kirstin. Wow I am becoming independant and social! Next thing you know I’ll be talking on the phone, no promises though.

Kirstin and I went up the lake (Powell Lake), with Jill and Tara last month. It was beautiful of course; the weather, the company, the taxi service, and the cabin. We stayed at Tara’s brother Aaron’s cabin that is on a tiny island right at the Washout (the locale description is for Tara’s sake, in case she is ever in trouble and has to call for help), and is like a resort with a bath tub, guest cabin, and satellite TV just to mention a few of the luxuries. To & Lo were nice enough to taxi not only Jill and Tara up and down, with many trips back up delivering forgotten necessities (chocolate) for the week they were there, but they also took us up for an overnighter to visit them. We had a great time and got in a good visit with the girls. I’ve gotta say though, I was a little dissappointed when I heard that Tony and Lorraine weren’t staying up with us (they are always so much fun). They did however pick us up at 7 am the next morning so that “T” could make the first ferry home. The rest of us went back to To & Lo’s and I cooked omelettes for everyone (just trying to do my part).


My first swim since transplant. Damn that water was cold!