Buh-bye Central Line!

No dialysis again this week. Permission has been granted to have the central line taken out. Hopefully that will be done at some point within the next week. Joey is very excited to have a shower where the water can run over his head/chest. I’m excited that I’ll be able to drag him to the pool now (in theory).

K & J

The Stairmaster

Just wanted to air a proud moment that was the result of a recent marital grievance. I was bugging Joey today about not taking the stairs from P1 to the ground floor. My case: it would be good exercise, build muscle mass slowly, etc. Somehow the argument escalated to Joey saying “I’ll walk the eleven floors to our apartment if you will”. Smarty pants. Thinks he knows my lazy tendencies so well. So, I called his bluff. Not only did he (and I) walk up to the eleventh floor, but we did so after grocery shopping with him packing an extra 8.8 pounds in bagged milk, which served as a handy weight.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that stubbornness and immaturity can be beneficial? I’m married to the stairmaster.

K & J

Oh yeah, no dialysis this week. Woo hoo! We’ll see if we’re lucky next week too.

Mama We’re Coming Home

Great news! Joey’s creatinine is now in normal range. Last night we saw his kidney doctor and he decided to assess Joey on a weekly basis to see if he needs dialysis. So last night might have been his last session, depending on his blood work next week. I know I’ve said it wayyyyyy too often, but yip-pee!

Joey’s PICC line came out yesterday too. (He will still have his central line in for dialysis for a few weeks just in case). He is very excited to be down to just one hole in his body with tubes sticking out of it.

Here’s the BIG big news: we have given our notice at our apartment and if all continues to go well, we should be back in BC somewhere around the middle or end of February. Excited doesn’t begin to describe it. We can finally come home! (I hope).

The holidays were fun; we had a good visit with Richard. The dirty dancing was minimal…perhaps I shouldn’t have brought their little routine to light before they had a chance to reenact it. Ah well, you live and learn. Besides, I still have plenty of embarrassing material on them. Example #1: Joey tried to get Richard to sing “Love is strange” with him, but Richard was less than enthusiastic. Example #2: Richard might not have been into dirty dancing with Joey at the show, but it sure seemed like one of the female ushers wouldn’t have minded being the Mickey to his Sylvia.

Ayuda tener un sentido de humor.

Kirstin and Joey